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Take The Pain

Take The Pain

This was written in the midst of much healing.

During this timeframe … things that were happening:

*Receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation
*Spending much time in Eucharistic Adoration
*Within one week after Brian’s presentation at Xavier High School-Appleton-in April for CIA Faith Mission Operatives where art, music, and stories were shared

“Glorify my wounds, oh Lord.
Glorify my wounds.

You take the pain ~
You make it Yours ~
You love me through it all.

Glorify my wounds, oh Lord.
Glorify my wounds.

You reach for me –
So I don’t fall –
You humbly ask that I give them all … to You. +

Oh, Lord –
How long I’ve carried the weight of my sin.
Wanting to keep all the pain within –
Not believing and not trusting that I’d be lead away from sin…
By giving it all to You…by giving it all to You.

You know my pain.
You know my life.
You know the stain.
You know the strife.
And, You know the freedom that I found –
By giving it all to you.”

(The attached drawing was put on paper by Brian years ago and can be found on the inside back cover of the Healing Journal – Prayer Book.) *Scroll to bottom of this link for more information on how to purchase a journal that contains that image and “Bread of Life with Precious Blood” https://faithbringsmiracles.com/eucharistic-revival/

Finding the Peace He Wants to Give

Finding the Peace He Wants to Give

If one opens their heart to love and be loved~Our Lord can move mountains. Love lived out to it’s fullest is peace and Peace starts in the heart and resonates best with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, My Immaculate Heart, and the Most Chaste Heart of my dear St. Joseph. Sacredness is joy in that it wills the good of another for their own good ~ and that is why I am here. I want to bring joy to those who will open their hearts yet are so afraid. Fear is not of Our Dear Heavenly Father ~ it is, indeed, a tool used by Satan – himself – to prohibit people from doing God’s Will in all things. Do not fear ~ for I am with you, always, to the end +

Be patient with one another as Our Dear Heavenly Father is patient and you will find and receive all that is True, Good and Beautiful on this Pilgrimage of Life to the cross, to the grave and to the Resurrection.

April 10th, 2023

For years my husband has been asking me to please share more of the stories regarding the things that have happened on the journey. In addition to that – my 20 year old son recently said “Mom, you should really start a blog.” It is something that I had thought about for quite awhile – and – today is the day.

I was prompted after having an experience this afternoon of praying for someone and in the midst of praying – began questioning a little bit about “How will I be in regards to the scenario coming up and/or how will the person with whom is going through the situation be doing?” The phone rang and I answered. The woman on the other end of the phone said “Hi, I am calling because it looks like according to our records your vehicle may need maintenance.” Realizing that my son does almost all of the repairs or has coworkers who do them because he is in the automotive mechanics program while also being employed at a place where they can do all of the work – I said “I think you may have the wrong number.” I also recognized that the type of vehicle she mentioned was not one that we owned. When I mentioned that to her she said “Oh, I am sorry – I was looking for Faith.” My reply to her was “I have faith – however – I don’t think you have the right number. I could sense that she was smiling on the other end of the phone by the sweet tone in her voice and her pleasant reply. And, we hung up – peacefully.

It got me thinking, though. “Do I have Faith?” And, if I do … who or what am I putting my faith in? Is it being put in the world? Is it being put in something of this world? OR – is being put in the One Who Is the Giver of All Good Gifts? Something extremely important to think about on this journey …

Jesus, I trust in You +

Jesus, I surrender myself to You – take care of everything +

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