If one opens their heart to love and be loved~Our Lord can move mountains. Love lived out to it’s fullest is peace and Peace starts in the heart and resonates best with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, My Immaculate Heart, and the Most Chaste Heart of my dear St. Joseph. Sacredness is joy in that it wills the good of another for their own good ~ and that is why I am here. I want to bring joy to those who will open their hearts yet are so afraid. Fear is not of Our Dear Heavenly Father ~ it is, indeed, a tool used by Satan – himself – to prohibit people from doing God’s Will in all things. Do not fear ~ for I am with you, always, to the end +

Be patient with one another as Our Dear Heavenly Father is patient and you will find and receive all that is True, Good and Beautiful on this Pilgrimage of Life to the cross, to the grave and to the Resurrection.